Men Rings How to Become More Progressive and Modern?

The only jewelry for men is a good watch: such times are definitely over. Modern men wear rings, of course. But how do men wear several rings? How can they be combined with the outfit? How to become more progressive and modern?

A men the only jewelry should wear is a good watch. This rule is still preached by conservative style advisors today – but then you meet this one cool guy at a friend’s party: straw hat, wild intoxicating beard, colorful tattoos protruding from under a Hawaiian shirt, and various rings hanging from his fingers. And he knows how to tell an exciting story to everyone! A guy like Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which brings us to Johnny Depp – the ring-wearer in general. It shows that rings do not make men female. On the contrary. You’re making him more of a man. Ideally. If you follow these five tips on how men wear rings.

Men Rings Must Match the Outfit

Match the look to the ring Hand on heart Men: the wild guy at the party just loved the rings because they matched the whole outfit. But a skull ring does not make a rocker and a signet ring does not make a popper. Better: the ring matches the clothes and also the other accessories. Styling tip: Skull, cross jewelry ring or chain rings combine with the rest of the look of the rocker.

Before you call the tattoo studio now, it does for the beginning a denim shirt or lumberjack shirt, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket and a leather bracelet or bracelets made of wooden balls. Then the look is right. Speaking of lumberjack shirts: this is the trend again in autumn/winter.

A seal ring, on the other hand, harmonizes with a jacket or a turtleneck sweater. Rings therefore always need their players in the outfit.

Which men wear rings stylishly? Johnny Depp based his role of Jack Sparrow on Keith Richards. Both wear many and rather heavy rings. The same applies to Pharrell Williams.

The Right Men Ring for the Respective Finger

For beginners the ring finger proves to be the first choice. Both simple rings and larger rings such as signet rings can be worn on it. Statement rings, which are coarser, are most effective on the index finger. The nobles and kings already knew this in the Middle Ages and have brought their great coats of arms and gems to bear here. Professional wearers put another eye-catching ring on the thumb. And on the middle finger, plain rings come into their own best. Coarser hands tend to have coarser rings and filigree fingers correspondingly fine rings.

Caution when wearing several rings.

They are the king’s discipline and require stylish dexterity. Adjustable rings (for example a spring ring that winds around the finger) can be worn flexibly on different fingers. Also: slack rings (stackable rings). If you do not know your ring size, you can measure with a measuring tape. Caution: measure at the correct time of day. In the afternoon the fingers are thicker than in the morning after getting up.

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