Guide to Jewelry for Men 2021 – How to Wear them

Men jewelty guide for 2021. Men’s jewelry has not played a big role for a long time, jewelry was rather reserved for women. The only jewelry a man wore was his engagement and wedding ring and a fancy wristwatch. That’s about it. But the fashion world has become more open.

Nowadays, women wear cool boyfriend trousers and sometimes go for the trendy suit instead of the elegant evening dress. Men adorn themselves with chains, rings and bracelets as a matter of course. With it they set great accents to every look. Underline their personality or show that they understand something of fashion and attach importance to their appearance. In addition, jewelry also becomes a deliberate style break by combining it with an outfit that at first glance does not seem to suit it at all. With jewelry you can move a look in a completely different direction and present different facets of yourself.

So when it comes to jewelries, what can a man really wear?

Basically, these are the same pieces that a woman adorns herself with: you’ll find rings for the man, bracelets and chains. Earrings are also available in the masculine version. A piece of jewelry that is reserved for the man are also the cufflinks, with which he additionally upgrades a noble outfit. What you will hardly find in the assortments of men’s jewelry, are glittering elements, rhinestones and radiant gemstones.

In addition to the jewelry that one(s) wears because he wants to present himself as stylish, there is also the jewelry that has a deeper meaning for the wearer. Without question, this includes the wedding ring, which should show that he is in love, married and belongs to his beloved. But other accessories can also have a special meaning. For example, the ring that his grandfather always wore and then bequeathed to him. Maybe you were on a trip around the world and bought a special necklace in a faraway country that has always reminded you of your great adventure ever since. In addition, bracelets can reference a deep friendship with a buddy – or simply keep the memory of last summer’s hip festival alive.

Fashion Icons and jewelry

For the sake of argument, here are some great examples that have changed the game for men’s fashion.

One of the greatest examples of all time is the footballer David Beckham. Twenty years ago, Beckham was already named as a cosmopolitan and metrosexual. This term refers to a man who is concerned about his appearance and does not value categorization and a masculine role model. Son Brooklyn has also grown into a real man in the meantime and is learning a styling trick or two from dad David. Both like to wear delicate gold chains, David even in a layering look.

Singer Harry Styles is known for his flamboyant looks and play of feminine and masculine styling elements. Which apparently makes him seem even more attractive to women. The list of his exes is really impressive: from Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner to Sara Sampaio, Camille Rowe and so many other top models are talked about. Gucci muse Jared Leto also wears not only outlandish clothes, but also eye-catching jewelry, making him look super hot.

Last but not least, the great Johnny Depp. He has been one of the greatest fashion icons in men’s world. We have seen him wear pretty much anything that a man can think. Earrings is a standard so as bracelets and necklaces. Moreover, you will always see him wear hats and scarfs and a great variety of glasses and sunglasses. The most progressive trait of his though, is that most of the time you will see him wear eyeliner.

There is no doubt that jewelries look good on men. In fact, not only look good but also make them special.