The Best Way to Make Current and New Customers Feel Safe

Are you running your own business? Have you been struggling with the new orders of COVID-19 pandemic? If the answer is yes then this product will change your life and your customers’ lives forever. It’ s been a year since COVID-19 pandemic came in our lives. This pandemic has affected our society on a social, economic, psychological, communication level and the list goes on. But how can we overcome this problem and run our own business again?

TraffikFlo is finally here for all of you. It is a useful tool that can help you increase your store visits and change the game dramatically.

Major Problems about customers safety

At this point we can categorize three main issues:

  1. Store traffic: It is owners’ responsibility to maintain a specific number of customers visiting their stores.
  2. Frivolous customers: They are not paying attention to the situation.
  3. Suspicious customers: They are afraid of frivolous customers and store traffic.

In essence, store traffic is the most significant problem nowadays. As a matter of fact, customers are afraid to visit a store and check out the products due to store traffic. Many of them are not paying attention to the situation and thus, they are visiting a store with almost no protection. As a result, customers become suspicious and are afraid of their safety due to congestion in the stores. In addition to that, it is also the owners’ responsibility to maintain a specific number of customers in their stores.

Big companies, like Nike and Apple, hire trained staff to handle store traffic and keep the numbers low. The ‘guard’ keeps a number of customers that’s inside the store and when someone comes out, he gives his permission to the next one. This is something that local businesses can’t afford so the owners or the manager have to supervise the whole procedure and at the same time manage the number of customers inside the store. So how do you manage your capacity?

Managing Store Traffic with TraffikFlo.

TraffikFlo increase store visitation by letting customers know when you are open and it’s safe to come into your store. It works exactly like traffic lights:

  • When the light is green, it reassures shoppers and passersby that you are not at capacity and they are welcome to come in.
  • When the light is red, the customers are notified that you have reached your maximum capacity and the have to wait.

In addition, it is extremely easy to use. Owners place it in the main entrance of the store, so clients can see it. Then you have to download the mobile app from Google Playstore in order to control it and last, synchronize TraffikFlo with your new sign and you are ready to go! You can also sign in through Chrome here if you like. TraffikFlo can be used either in Manual or Counter mode.

Manual means that you are just changing between green and red light based on how many customers are in the store at that particular time. In Counter mode you are able to put in a maximum number of clients in your store. As customers enter, you add to the tally until the number is reached and turn the display from green to red. Every time that someone leaves the store you downshift and the light will be green again. However, it is important to know that this process in not automated, the owners are using it through the app.

With TraffikFlo all these belong in the past. You can raise your numbers and maintain your and customers’ safety. The solution to store traffic overload is here and ready for you to use it.