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Best men’s chains. This is your ultimate guide. Whether you’re looking for a simple necklace or jewelry to be seen from space, take a look at everything you need to get started. Learn how to choose the right chain length and wear dog tags without getting arrested. From Neanderthal eagle claws to Jay Z’s $200,000 […]

Did you Know What is the Symbolism of Snake Jewellery?

Snake jewellery. Did you know what is the symbolism? They are poisonous, but glittering. Hardly anyone ever encounters a real snake. But as a ring it enjoys great popularity. The reptile has been used as a jewellery motif for thousands of years. Why, of all things, the often-hated snake has found its place on jewellery […]

Guide to Jewelry for Men 2021 – How to Wear them

Men jewelty guide for 2021. Men’s jewelry has not played a big role for a long time, jewelry was rather reserved for women. The only jewelry a man wore was his engagement and wedding ring and a fancy wristwatch. That’s about it. But the fashion world has become more open. Nowadays, women wear cool boyfriend […]