Electric Rotating Jewelry Display Black Color 360 Degree


Electric Rotating Jewelry Display Black Color 360 degree

100% brand new, high quality
Please note that the new product has a film on its surface. Please uncover it before use.
Made mainly of ABS, non-toxic, strong and durable.
Sturdy construction
The mirrored surface makes the display product stand out and stand out.
360° turntable with adjustable speed, which can be adjusted according to different needs.
Suitable for displaying jewelry, watches, cosmetics, toy models, mobile phones and digital cameras.

Color: black
Features and description:

Name: 146 Smart Charging Rotary Disk
Load: 10KG
Speed: 8/15/30 seconds
Size: 146*35mm
Package Size:
150* 17 0* 40mm
Speed control mode: three-speed manual speed control
Product weight: 0. 25KG
Power interface: 5V-USB interface
Rotation direction: can turn left and right
Power supply mode: USB plug-in / 18650 battery
Product material: ABS

1. Turn on: turn on any key, short press operation.
2. R/L: switch clockwise and counterclockwise, short press operation.
3.SR: Speed switching, 8 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds per circle, short press operation.
4. ASA: Angle switching, 90-degree round-trip, 180-degree round-trip, short press operation.
5.IN 5V: Micro USB 5V external power supply.
6. Shut down: turn off any key, press and hold for 3 seconds.

7. Power supply tips:
a.Without 18650 battery: When the machine is powered by USB, the light will be green when the machine is not started, and it will rotate
Bright red light;
b. When the 18650 battery is connected (when the USB is not connected), no matter whether the machine is started or not
Bright light
c. When the battery is installed and the USB connection power exists at the same time: the priority is USB power supply, when the USB is unplugged, there is power
The pool machine is working normally.
d. When the battery is installed and the USB connection is present at the same time: the machine does not work, all lights up in red, but the usb
At the same time it can charge the 18650 battery.
8.18650 charging status indicator, the IN 5V port is charging with diffused red light, and the IN 5V port is full of diffused green light.

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