Classic Mens Automatic Wood Watch | 100% Natural Zebra Wood Wrist Watch

CHF 150.00

Do you want to make a bold statement when it comes to fashion? Buy this Zebrawood watch with enhanced durability and ultra-modern features. Heads will turn when you pass by.

Zebrawood makes a great accent, which is why we can guarantee that it will stand out from the rest. The golden, yellow heartwood with streaks of dark brown and black definitely accentuates the visual appeal of this modern classic timepiece.

This watch is crafted using sophisticated techniques developed by Dreamy Wood, and the stunning design is a testament to the workmanship involved during its manufacture. Every piece of gear is installed by hand and precisely tested by fully-trained mechanics. The watch is made of both metal and wood. It is stylish and suave and will be a great addition to your collection. It is perfect for pairing with formal wear!

The glass surface is delicate but scratchproof, so you don’t have to worry about nicks or cracks, which makes it highly durable. The date calendar window is magnified, so you won’t have trouble reading it. The metallic-edged circle and large, showy dial are other attractive features of this watch. The stainless steel used here boosts its sturdiness and longevity, so you or a loved one can continue to wear this timepiece for a long time.